Interview with Daniel Cross #WriteTalkWednesday

Interview with Daniel Cross #WriteTalkWednesday

Episode description

Our fourth #NaNoWriMo encouragement interview is a joyful one with Daniel Cross where we talk about how he turned a DND campaign into his book, the NPC author persona he created, and shared some love for his gorgeous cover.

About the author

I’m an electrical engineer / integrated circuit designer, tired of writing technical specifications. I’m also a game master for tabletop roleplaying games. I ran an adventure to introduce my children to the game, and it was so much fun I said “This would make a great book.” I took advantage of NaNoWriMo to get that project started, and 5 years later I’m releasing book 2 of the series, under the pen name R. A. Klepsis.

Visit our website to watch the interview, check out the gorgeous cover and all of Daniel’s links, and maybe even buy the book.

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